Compressor ABAC 10-hp TWO STAGE High output type+

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ABAC 10hp 200 litres Compressor has high performance two stage pump is made by ABAC factory AND these pumps are far better in long run as hours done in past speaks itself.

Two stage pumps are 82% efficient at 100 P.S.I and single stage pumps are only 66% efficient at 100 P.S.I = So buy this model to save on electricity bills.

The parts back up is real time as this is provided buy lot of agents around the country. I am using myself one of the ABAC pumps on my compressor for more than twenty years and the machine is far quieter and cheaper models on the market.

They also are designed with AUSTRALIAN SIZING with ACACA ratings and in 10hp range the performance of this pump is excellent = So this is a knock out deal for long run.

As a honest seller, we do not tarnish others to stand out. Our Compressor has its own advantages which others do not have. With the Industrial quality pump, ability to run longer hours, Belt drive units are low maintenance, number of years it lasts, parts back up, holds pressure well as it wears out, with honest ratings that competes well in this price range, branded pump service back up AND many bells & whistles are the main asset of this machine.

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  • VALUE = $4995.00
  • CONDITION = Brand new
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARD APPROVED = Important = Safe to use in business environment
  • TWIN CAPACITOR ON MOTOR = One to start motor and the other to run the motor
  • WARRANTY = 12 months
  • FAT MOTOR = High torque = 10 hp
  • PUMP SPEED = 1500 rpm
  • ABAC B7000 PUMP = Original that is MADE IN ITALY
  • EXTREME QUALITY PUMP VALVE PLATES = LASTS Longer then cheaper ones
  • SUPER QUIET = As original ABAC PUMPS ARE = Can be mounted on wheels even later
  • HIGH QUALITY two cylinder ABAC Two Stage pump = Spins slow so that air is cool and will have less humidity in air that will ensure that air tools connect to it will last longer
  • POWER = 415 volts & Starts at 46.5 amps AND runs at 15.5 amps
  • TANK = BIG 200 litres
  • TANK HAS holes to mount = Bolt it on floor
  • MAXIMUM PSI = 145 or 10 bar
  • AUSTRALIAN TAX INVOICE = Yes, Yes, Yes = Save more on GST refund if a business
  • APPROX WEIGHT = 185kg
  • SIZE = FAD of 931 Litres per minute (32.8 cfm) And Displacement is 43.2 cfm = Rated by ACACA
  • AUTO CUTOFF = Fully automatic switch (Stops when tank is full and runs when air is required)
  • INCLUDES = As shown in pictures

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