Mig Welder TELWIN 135 Portable European Quality+++

AUD $399.00

TELWIN 120 amps Gas & Gasless MIG Welder is MADE IN ITALY will premium quality electronic board.

Suitable for most work around home, fencing, and welding thin as car panels. The direct current (DC) makes this unit more aggressive than (AC) welders.

Please read all info in description tab at the bottom of page and if you have any doubt or query, kindly contact us through mail or calls.

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  • RRP = $699.00
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARD APPROVED = Important = Yes it is safe with electricity
  • FULL WARRANTY = 12 months Australian wide in most large cities
  • DUAL PURPOSE = While using with gas use hard wire OR if running without gas use flux core wire
  • SIZE NOT OVER RATED = Trustworthy European company
  • EXTRA H/DUTY TORCH = Binzel compatible parts fits = Which is available from most suppliers
  • NOT FAKE CHINESE RATING APPROVALS = European standard, Cee tick, Emc, HAS PASSED
  • TIP HOLDER ON TORCH = Saves money on consumables
  • STEEL LINER IN CABLE = Does not wear fast as plastic liners do
  • TORCH CABLE IS NOT SECURED WITH PLASTIC STRAPS TO WIRE FEED MOTOR = Telwin is properly screwed locked type so if the torch as it gets pulled around it is hardly damaged
  • PROPER WARRANTY AGENTS = Service agents in most large cities around Australia
  • MADE IN ITALY = Built to last
  • WIRE FEED MOTOR TOP ROLLER IS NOT HANGING WITH FLAT STEEL LIKE CHEAPER ITALIAN MODELS ARE = Telwin has tough top roller Lever that is made out of unbreakable plastic and will not bent like flat steel does
  • WIRE SPOOL SIZES = Takes 4/inch AND 8/inch
  • WIRE SIZES = 0.6mm & 0.8mm
  • PROPER TAIL FOR 5mm GAS HOSE INTAKE = Avoids gas leak & smell problems
  • MAXIMUM POWER = 120 amps
  • NOT A LEMON = Good Investment for long run
  • DIMENSION = L=420mm x W=240mm x H=370mm
  • HINGE DOOR = This door is not like flimsy door as it fall downs while opening & closing
  • NOTE = This machine is no comparison to other brands & makes which don’t have the above features & benefits
  • TAX INVOICE = Yes = Australian one so claim GST if purchased for business use = SAVE
  • INCLUDING & Excluding = One small of flux wire, mig torch, earth clamp, welding helmet is not included

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