Air Compressor ABAC 2-hp x 24L PUMP & MOTOR is MADE IN ITALY

AUD $299.00

This AIRLINER 2.0-hp 24 litres Compressor with ABAC high performance pump & motor is made by ABAC factory in Italy AND these pumps are far better in long run as hours done in past speaks itself.
The parts back up is authentic and so we are trusted by lots of customers in Australia. Customers have been using ABAC Pumps in their compressor for more than twenty years. The machine is far quieter and cheaper excelling other brands available in the market.

As an honest seller, we do not tarnish others to stand out. Our Compressor has its own advantages which others do not have. With the Industrial quality pump, ability to run longer hours, low maintenance, number of years it lasts, parts back up, holds pressure well as it wears out, with honest ratings that competes well in this price range, branded pump service back up AND many bells & whistles are the main asset of this machine.

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  • CONDITION = Brand new
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARD APPROVED = Important = Safe to use in business environment
  • WARRANTY = 12 months
  • AUSTRALIAN TAX INVOICE = Yes = Save more on GST refund if a business
  • MOTOR = High torque = 2.0hp
  • ABAC PUMP & MOTOR = Original that is MADE IN ITALY
  • EXTREME QUALITY PUMP VALVE PLATES = LASTS Longer then cheaper ones
  • HIGH QUALITY CAST SLEEVE cylinder ABAC pump = Will last longer
  • POWER = 240 volts & 10 amps
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR = As seen in the picture
  • TANK = 24 Litres
  • MAXIMUM PSI = 120 or 8 bar
  • AUSTRALIAN TAX INVOICE = Yes, Yes, Yes = Save more on GST refund if a business
  • APPROX WEIGHT = 25kg
  • AUTO CUTOFF = Fully automatic switch (Stops when tank is full and runs when air is required)
  • INCLUDED = As seen in pictures AND view sample pictures of ABAC pumps used on different bands in past & present proves the quality of pump.

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Weight 50 kg


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