Inverter Welder 160-amps With VRD & Leads

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Ross DC Inverter in 2 in 1 Welder is perfect for TIG & ARC Welding. Its VRD feature allows tradesman to run this machine on generator safely.

Inverters are lighter and so it is easy to handle and carry on roofs or truck body works etc. It is a stand out brand with Australia wide service in most large cities for long run.

Definition of Inverter welding is a welding technology that uses power electronic to create the current features such as DC welding, hot start, anti-stick and the capability of TIG welding, turning and average welder into a pro.
Please go through all features for the product. For any query please let’s know.

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  • POWER = 10 to 160amps
  • ELECTRODE SIZE = 1.6 to 4.0mm
  • WARRANTY = 12 months
  • CONDITION = Brand new
  • COOLING TYPE = Fan Cooled
  • VRD = Stands for Voltage Reduction Device
  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY = Service Australia Wide in most large cities
  • PORTABLE = Easy to carry while working on high area & storage is easy
  • DIGITAL CURRENT CONTROL = For precise control
  • ROD SELECTING = Automatically selects welding current based on rod size for simplicity
  • TRUE LIFT TIG FUNCTION = Simplifies TIG welding for inexperienced users making it easy to start the arc (Tig kit available as optional extra)
  • HOT START = Easier to strike the arc
  • ANTI STICK = Shuts down if electrode sticks
  • ARC FORCE CURRENT = Auto increase if arc length is too short
  • HUGE IMPORTER = Parts & service available = good investment
  • BRANDED ITEM = Built to Last
  • INCLUDED = All as seen in picture

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